Fly higher in the scenic Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania!

Earn a bachelor's degree with a concentration in aviation

Saint Francis University Aviation Degree Program

Aviation Concentration in Partnership with Saint Francis University

private/commercial pilot certification

With this 21-credit concentration, students take theory courses on the SFU campus taught by certified flight instructors from  Nulton Aviation Services.  Students will schedule time flight time at the John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport in Johnstown.

The program places an emphasis on the professional skills and flight instruction theory for graduate marketability. It provides students with the opportunity to build flight time and earn a private/commercial license.

Majors: The concentration pairs well with the online Bachelor of  Organizational Leadership degree, but students may choose to incorporate it into other majors.  Students should consult with their advisers to see if adding the concentration would impact their graduation timeframe. 

Curriculum: The courses in this concentration prepare the aspiring career pilot for immediate entry-level employment in the aviation industry.  Coursework covers commercial level aerodynamics, aircraft systems, federal aviation regulations, aircraft performance, aeronautical decision making/human factors, flight physiology, and navigation.  

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Contact Saint Francis University (814) 472-3000 or Nulton Aviation Services at (814) 361-3500 to learn more about this exciting opportunity.